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          The scale of coal mine machinery market rebounds and the demand for intelligence is great

          The scale of coal mine machinery market rebounds and the demand for intelligence is large
          How can minecraft accurately collect and dig the raw ore and turn it into ordinary ore? For example, how can minecraft dig the coal and turn it into ordinary coal
          Landlord, you....
          How can accurately collected manuscripts be used for mining? In this way, we can dig out 2113 minerals, such as coal and red stone. After normal mining, the coal and red 5261 stone powder will fall. You will fall the corresponding ore, and waste coal to refine it. This diamond pickaxe is sealed in the box. Wave 4102 costs endurance 3 and efficiency 4.
          Enchant accurate collection of manuscripts are generally used to dig souvenirs. For example, each kind of ore is dug with accurately collected manuscripts, so that there are 1653 kinds of ore for each mineral, and then cut a picture to force and say, "do you have these?"
          How can you use the golden sword? The tools made of special gold are famous for their low durability. Take a gold sword out for a night and it's useless. The only advantages of gold tools are high efficiency and easy to enchant.
          Have a good time
          What are the definitions of coal mine development and driving? The answer must be authoritative and accurate
          Coal mine development is to send the main roadway, the main roadway. The driving of coal mine is the roadway for coal mining.
          First there must be a development tunnel, and then in the local coal area to send the driving tunnel, mining.
          I'm a pioneer.
          Discussion on intelligent mining of coal mine comprehensive mining face
          Original publisher: Longyuan Journal Network
          Key words: Coal Mine Road; comprehensive mining; intellectualization; mining
          Nowadays, China is just in the very stage of restructuring and upgrading. Under the influence of effectively unifying traditional industry and new network technology, coal mining enterprises have changed a lot. Among them, the integration of traditional equipment and intelligent technology can make the intelligent realization of coal mining, so as to promote the upgrading and transformation of the industry. At the same time, due to the restriction of environment, safety and other factors, coal mining enterprises urgently need advanced intelligent mining equipment and supporting technology. In view of this, it is of great practical significance to explore the intelligent mining of the fully mechanized working face in the inner coal mine.
          Intelligent mining equipment of 1 coal mine comprehensive mining face
          1.1 intelligent Shearer
          Intelligent shearer can design all kinds of operation modes according to the actual needs of mining technology, and then coordinate the linkage control of scraper conveyor and support. Combined with the MEMS sensor technology, the running state capacity of the shearer support and the running state of the shearer are collected, and the calculation of the position relationship of the shearer and the prediction of the running track are realized, so as to interlock the shearer and other devices

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